★Blue Angel(XdaO2IIs) BT Headset problems of Bluetooth★

★For English visitor, please see at the lower side of this page★

PLS forget this, after use BT head set several times, the same problem had been happened!(sometimes effective,but sometimes not effective,also sometimes auto resume the device.not sure it`s side effect or natural function of this patch)


★Decmber 05th 2004. Update new report;

Now BT head set is working with ozBT v0.52;

I am trying ozBT v0.52 ,the controle software for the Bluetooth device work. Now it`s workabale for this problem on my device. But I can not guarantee this can be worked for all of you, and also in all condition.

Trying 1 day, it OK for me. But still under the testing.( both case without ozBT and with ozBT)

*Down Load the ozBT v0.52 from here


*and copy/pasy ozBT.exe to your device. then make its shrtcut to your favorite folder in Start Menu.

*Start it and tap its icon on the Task Bar of Today screen. then go to "setting".

*Fill the command"HFPUI.exe" into the line of [If windows is Running], and select "Widcomm(BTTrayCE)"as Bluetooth controle. then tap OK.

You had better try to use the BT head set before first suspend after configure this, to make sure the connection.

After this, The Bluetooth Head set can be waken with incomming call while the Device suspending.

(Installed  BA_OEM_PD_BT_Headset.sa.CAB on this test)




注意;その後何度か使用したらまたもとの症状が発生しました!そして時々自動でBlue Angelがサスペンドから復帰したりします。このパッチの仕様なのかバグなのか不明。まねをされる同志は自己責任で!

先日報告したBlue Angelがサスペンド中に電話を着信するとBluetooth Head Setがレジュームしない問題が解決した。

実はアメリカで発売されたBlue Angelの隠しロムを展開した物がUp LoadされていたのでそれをDLして解析してみたらBA_OEM_PD_BT_Headset.sa.CABと言うBluetooth HeadセットがらみのCABがあるではないか!そのCABを展開して中身を見たら新しいBluetooth Head SetのDLLがあった。

以前バージョン1.5の同じDLLを入れたら動かなくなってしまいハードリセットを余儀なくされたので心配だったが、ここはやらねば入れてみた。(実は昨日もテストの繰り返しでHimalaya,Blue Angle共にそれぞれ二回づつハードリセットしているのだ!)









導入方法;http://forum.xda-developers.com/viewtopic.php?t=13072 から

XDA2s_1-12-178-WWE_UK_Extended_ Rom.zip をDLし解凍する。

BA_OEM_PD_BT_Headset.sa.CAB を取り出しBlueAngelに入れてタップ&インストールだ!


DL先はここだ http://www.asukal.jp/BT_Headset.CAB



@PCのエキスプローラーかPDAでGS Finderの様な隠しファイルの見えるファイラーを使い下記の3つファイルをwindowsフォルダーから探し出し名前の変更をしてソフトリセット後同様なファイラーを使い削除する(名前は見つけやすいように「1」とか「a」とか好きな名前で良いです。名前を変更---ソフトリセットの手順を踏まずに削除しようとすると拒否されます。






PLS forget this, after use BT head set several times, the same problem had been happened!!(sometimes effective,but sometimes not effective,also sometimes auto resume the device.not sure it`s side effect or natural function of this patch)

Blue Angel Bluetooth Head set, the problem of un-resume from suspending.

@;Download XDA2s_1-12-178-WWE_UK_Extended_ Rom.zip from below.


@And extract the zip and find BA_OEM_PD_BT_Headset.sa.CAB

@Copy&Past BA_OEM_PD_BT_Headset.sa.CAB into Blue Angel and tap it to install.

@Make worm reboot and you can already finish work for replacement the new version of BtCEStack.dll (V1.604)

@@@You can also download same CAB file (but i renamed to BT_Headset.cab) from  http://www.asukal.jp/BT_Headset.CAB

Now Blue Angel had been the All Mighty Machine!!!! Enjoy it!

the BTWIzardPrifile.dll(this was the replacement for the missing function of dial network client service on BlueAngel. see summary of http://asukal.seesaa.net/article/1031857.html

If you want to try this, plese dont forget it is your own lisk!

*for The Guys who already installed and wishes to uninstall due to some side effect. You must delete them manually with following steps.

@If you are using BT function, please turn off the BT, and make worm reboot it.

@Connect IIs to PC with Activesync, and use PC explore (Or use filer which can access dinamic librallies on IIs)and find following 3 files in the windows folder of IIs.


@Rename them to the name to eazy find them again(Example;"a" or "1", and make worm reboot again, then you can delete it. You can not delete those 3 files without rename. They were untachable.

@Make it worm reboot again. it have finished already and return to the default!

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